We carry American Security (AMSEC) safes.

AMSEC safe

These safes will allow you to store your valuables and to protect them from major threats such as fires, a burglary, and unauthorized access. Although no safe is completely fireproof or burglary proof, our safes come are U.L. Listed and have 1 Hour & 2 Hour fire labels. Our specialty safes include Burglary Safes, Fire Safes, Depository Safes, Floor Safes, and Gun Safes.

Burglary and Fire safes offer superior protection for your documents and valuables. Able to withstand high temperatures, most safes are also U.L. Listed 1 Hour & 2 Hour for maximum protection and benefits.

Burglary Safes Burglary Safe

If safekeeping against a possible burglary is your concern, a burglary safe is necessary to fulfill your security needs. Burglary safes offer the same protection for your valuables and documents as all other safes do while offering features to counter possible tampering and forced entry. These burglary safes are also U.L. Listed 1 Hour & 2 Hour for maximum protection and benefits.

Fire Safes Fire safe

A fire can not only destroy your valuables and documents, but a fire could destroy your business! Unfortunately, seven out of ten businesses that suffer from a fire do not have the sufficient protection for their vital records. With Fire Safes, your irreplaceable documents and possessions will be secured and preserved. Safes are U.L. listed with a either a 1 Hour or 2 Hour fire-rating for maximum protection against fire.

Gun Safes Gun safe

Gun Safes are specialized to help protect unauthorized access to your firearms. Gun safes offer protection and insures that children and other individuals will not be tampering with your firearms and possessions. They offer protection against accidents and secure your firearms. Protecting valuables from theft and fire are other important reasons to have a gun safe in your home.

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